The plan is to build a “BIBLE BELT” from Ghana to Kenya ...

All of the Bibles that Operation Africa gives to the Security Forces is achieved with the support of The Australian Bible Society.


All the Bibles have to be paid for and delivered with camouflage covers suitable for the military and in the language of their choice.  Occasionally Bibles are requested by Police Services in non-camouflage colours.

Please contact us if you would like any further information or would like to discuss how you can be involved.

Current Projects




20,000 Bibles


2019 / 2020


10,000 Bibles

Planned Projects


Contacts in Sudan have requested thousands of Bibles in a range of local Sudanese dialects, including English and Arabic.


Contacts are being made and the need established.

Completed Projects


Total Bibles supplied throughout Africa as at June 2019 = 231,500

Operation Africa is a not-for-profit, international mission's organisation committed to the evangelisation of Military Groups, Armies & Police Services.

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Your donation goes to physically deliver the Bibles to the desired destination where they are presented to the military.  The Chaplaincy Services in the Military, Police and Special Services are now better equipped to fulfill the work of their roles.  The Bibles are integral to prayer meetings, church services, Bibles classes etc and are highly valued by personnel travelling to areas of conflict.

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