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Operation Africa is a non-profit, international missions organisation committed to the evangelisation of Military Groups, Armies and the Police Forces in the continent of Africa.  By reaching Service and Security personnel, our goal is to see African nations positively impacted and challenged through the Word of God.


Operation Africa is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Corporation (ASIC) and with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).  It has a constitution and a code of conduct and articles of association.

Our approach to this task of bible distribution is simple but effective ...

  • First, we identify which military groups, armies and police services that have Chaplains.


  • Second, we seek to fundraise to buy camouflage (cammo) Bibles.


  • Third, we ship or have delivered the Bibles to the Chaplains who oversee the distribution of them to their serving officers and personnel.


  • Finally, the recipient owns the Bible personally and can take it home when they leave the army or service.


With many security personnel dying every day through conflict, accident and disease, time is of the essence.  For a small regular contribution, a complete bible is placed into the Security member’s hands.  These people can then be directed by their Chaplain to local indigenous Christian churches for follow up and discipleship.  Many members of the Security Forces are already part of a Christian community – the camouflage Bibles are held and used with pride.

Our approach to raising money ...

  • Operation Africa has been given Godly direction to involve a large number of people giving a little each month.  This is based on Matthew 15:27 “the crumbs from the table”.


  • We welcome one-off donations and regular donations of as little or as much as you decide. We are thankful for any amount that you are comfortable with.

  • 1 Bible costs approximately $10 AUD, £5 GBP or $7 USD.  Some of our families enjoying donating this amount each month knowing that 1 more person will receive a Bible each month.

Bible source

We deliver Bibles in “language of choice”.  The Bibles are sourced through a range of outlets based primarily on which supplier can give the most cost effective, reliable and quality service.  The main suppliers are the large Bible printing houses in China and South Korea.  These printing houses print over 1 million Bibles per month.

'Operation Africa' Board ...

The board is made up of four people from a range of areas in life.


Operation Africa is an organisation in which no person receives remuneration.  No one is paid or draws on the funds of Operation Africa.  We are run by volunteers who give of their time and talents for the love of God and a desire to see his people strengthened and expanded.

Please contact us if you would like any further information or would like to discuss how you can be involved.

Operation Africa is pleased to be associated with the Bible Society.

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