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Operation Africa  -  Bibles for African Security Forces.

' Bibles for African Security Forces '

A not-for-profit international missions organisation

When everyone else forgets the Security Forces, you can show them love in a practical way by helping them obtain and read the Word of God.

Operation Africa is a not-for-profit, international mission's organisation committed to the evangelisation of Military Groups, Armies and Police Services in the continent of Africa.  By reaching Service and Security personnel, our goal is to see African nations positively impacted and challenged through the Word of God.

Since 1997, Operation Africa has had a dream to reach military groups and the police forces of Africa for Jesus Christ.


Birthed out of the “Youth Alive – World Target Teams” trip to Zimbabwe in 1997, Operation Africa sought to evangelise troops that are often feared, hated and marginalised by their own people.

Please contact us if you would like any further information or would like to discuss how you can be involved.

Our Vision

"Every member of the African Security Forces honoured before God's throne".

(Revelation 7:v9 and 20:v11-15)

(Security force personnel including soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, policemen and women)

Started by the Reverend Jason Greive of Queensland, Australia, the first missions project was in Zimbabwe, on the African continent.  Operation Africa struck a memorandum of understanding with the Queensland Bible Society to partner with us to supply camouflage or “cammo” Bibles in military colours so that the soldiers have ownership of their bible.  

Our Mission

"To distribute God's word and to demonstrate God's love to the Security Forces of Africa".

Operation Africa believes that people who submit themselves to God through Jesus Christ can see our Vision realised solely through faith in God’s provision by seeking "crumbs that fall from the table" (Mathew 15:27). We hope that you will be captured by the Vision and join us as we seek to achieve our mission for the glory of almighty God and the furthering of His spiritual kingdom.

It is the distribution of Bibles that is our core mission.

Our Promise

"Bibles for African Security Personnel".

African Security Personnel were previously thought unreachable by Christian organisations.Operation Africa wants to see soldiers and members of Africa’s Security Forces reached by those who love God, to see our Vision realised.

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